Faculty.bio Roadmap

We are currently working on the features below.

Next planned

Features that are planned for the next few months, ordered by priority.

  • Pages

    Create pages and attach them to any section type. For example, you can create a page for each publication, project, etc.

  • CV/Resume Builder

    Using your data, generate and update multiple versions of CV or Resume for different purposes.

  • Team Pages

    Create a profile/website for your research group, lab, or team.


Already completed features and available in Faculty.bio.

  • Option to select number of publications to show

    Ability to select the number of publications to show in the publications section. Some users may want to show only the latest 5 publications, while others may want to show 10 or 15.

  • Publications Importer

    Import your publications from BibTeX, EndNote, DOIs, PMIDs.

  • Better Toggle element for publish/draft

    Improve toggle element to switch between publish and draft

  • Custom Domains

    Ability to use your domain or subdomain for your website

  • Subdomains for websites

    Each user gets a *.faculty.bio subdomain for their website

  • Unified Attachments

    Ability to attach urls and images to any section type.

  • Supervisions Section

    Add a section to list your supervisions

  • Better mobile navigation

    Move the mobile navigation to buttom with table of contents.

  • Patents Section

    Add a section to list your patents

  • Talks Section

    Add a section to list your talks

  • Certifications Section

    Add a section to list your certifications

  • Invitation Link

    Generate a link to invite others to join Faculty.bio

  • Courses Section

    Add a section to list your courses

  • Research Interests Section

    Add a section to list your research interests

  • Skills Section

    Add a section to list your skills

  • Teaching Section Improvements

    Add more fields to the Teaching section

  • Honors & Awards Section

    Add a section to list your honors and awards

  • QR code

    Generate a QR code for your page to share the URL in person

  • Share

    Share your page on social media

  • Person Schema.org

    Add Schema.org to your profile/page. This will help search engines understand your page better.

  • OG image

    Open Graph image for your profile/page. When you share your page on social media, it will show a nice image.

  • Cover image

    Add a cover image to your profile/page

  • LinkedIn Importer

    Import your LinkedIn profile to Faculty.bio

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