Faculty.bio Roadmap

We are currently working on the features below.

Next planned

Features that are planned for the next few months, ordered by priority.

  • Personal Favorites

    We are planning to add multiple sections to list your favorite books, tools, methods, movies, inspiring people, etc. This might not look like much but it will help your website visitors to know you on a level beyond rigid CVs.

  • CV/Resume Builder

    Using your data, generate and update multiple versions of CV or Resume for different purposes.

  • Team Pages

    Create a profile/website for your research group, lab, or team.


Already completed features and available in Faculty.bio.

  • Pages / Writing / Blog

    With Writings, you can create blog posts and list on your website. You can also attach writings to any item in your page. For example, you can attach a writing to a publication to provide more details about it.

  • Option to select number of publications to show

    Ability to select the number of publications to show in the publications section. Some users may want to show only the latest 5 publications, while others may want to show 10 or 15.

  • Publications Importer

    Import your publications from BibTeX, EndNote, DOIs, PMIDs.

  • Better Toggle element for publish/draft

    Improve toggle element to switch between publish and draft

  • Custom Domains

    Ability to use your domain or subdomain for your website

  • Subdomains for websites

    Each user gets a *.faculty.bio subdomain for their website

  • Unified Attachments

    Ability to attach urls and images to any section type.

  • Supervisions Section

    Add a section to list your supervisions

  • Better mobile navigation

    Move the mobile navigation to buttom with table of contents.

  • Patents Section

    Add a section to list your patents

  • Talks Section

    Add a section to list your talks

  • Certifications Section

    Add a section to list your certifications

  • Invitation Link

    Generate a link to invite others to join Faculty.bio

  • Courses Section

    Add a section to list your courses

  • Research Interests Section

    Add a section to list your research interests

  • Skills Section

    Add a section to list your skills

  • Teaching Section Improvements

    Add more fields to the Teaching section

  • Honors & Awards Section

    Add a section to list your honors and awards

  • QR code

    Generate a QR code for your page to share the URL in person

  • Share

    Share your page on social media

  • Person Schema.org

    Add Schema.org to your profile/page. This will help search engines understand your page better.

  • OG image

    Open Graph image for your profile/page. When you share your page on social media, it will show a nice image.

  • Cover image

    Add a cover image to your profile/page

  • LinkedIn Importer

    Import your LinkedIn profile to Faculty.bio

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