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We have build the following pages to demonstrate what you can achive with faculty.bio.

Professor - faculty.bio


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Researcher - faculty.bio


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Ph.D. Student - faculty.bio

Ph.D. Student

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Packed with features

Carefully curated nuances that collectively contribute to greatness.

Publications Importer

Import your publications in no time!

  • Export and import from Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote, etc
  • Import using DOIs or PMIDs
  • Import from Google Scholar or Semantic Scholar
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It is all about you!

Not only your achievements

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to present yourself, your way.

  • Freedom to organize your content
  • Go beyond titles, showcese the impact of your work
  • Share what your learned and what you taught
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Use your own domain

or a free faculty.bio subdomain

LinkedIn Importer

Use our LinkedIn Catalyzer (importer) to leapfrog the initial steps.

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How we work

It is our priority to find creative ways to save you time.

  • You own your content, we will never take control of your content or use them in any way without your consent.
  • We try hard to make it easy and fast to add and update your content
  • We try not to disturb you with notifications and emails. We rather prefer to be in the background and helpful.
  • Our mission is to help academic people to better present their hard work

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Appear on Google Search

We take care of the technical details so that you can focus on your work. We make sure your profile appears on Google Search.

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Constant improvements

We are constantly working to make Faculty.bio better. It is all about you, tell us what to add next!


Create pages and link publications, projects, etc. to them.

CV/Resume Builder

Use your website content to generate your ever-green CV.

Team profiles

Make a website for your laboratory or research group.

Build your academic website today

Faculty.bio helps academics easily build and maintain their personal website.

Who we are

We are thrilled to assist a wide range of people from academia.

Who we are

At Faculty, our small yet exceptionally talented team shares a profound belief: researchers are the trailblazers of humanity. We hold the utmost respect for those dedicated to advancing and shaping a better world.

Our mission is clear: to simplify and democratize the process, making it accessible for all researchers to enhance their online presence and gain recognition for their invaluable contributions. We're driven by the commitment to empower every researcher, ensuring their vital work receives the attention and acknowledgment it deserves.

Personal image of Maryam Bafandkar

Maryam, MSc in computer science, a charismatic person who thrives on the intersection of academia, business development and AI. She loves academics. She is dedicated to help academics through FacultyBio, providing a complete solution for their needs.

Personal image of Alireza Jahandideh

Alireza, a master of both mechanical engineering and programming, leads our web development and operations with expertise, driving our digital initiatives forward.

Frequently asked questions

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Is it free?
Yes, Faculty.bio is free. We will keep it free for people who want a simple pages. For more advanced features and content-heavy pages we will introduce a premium plan in the future to meet their needs.
Why not use LinkedIn or ResearchGate?
Faculty is not a replacement for your LinkedIn, ResearchGate or other social profiles. It is different in many ways. You have more freedom to express yourself and you can add more content. Faculty provides a more personal experience while keeping the academic features on the top of the list. You can also use it as a landing page for your other profiles.
How my page would look like?
You can check out the demo profile to get an idea of what your profile will look like.