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“ is a surprisingly mature, robust, and fun platform for professionals in both academia and industry. I’ve used multiple website builders for my portfolios prior, and the functionality was never quite what I needed. I was able to get my personal page up and running on in less than a day - and I’m getting great feedback. I hope this project continues on its trajectory - it is my personal find of 2024”

Personal image of Sergey A. Kornilov, PhD
Sergey A. Kornilov, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA
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Save time with a website that practically builds itself.

Building a personal academic website involves many design decisions which takes time. lets you use pre-built academic sections (publications, projects, etc.). You will also save time on data entry.

Be the top result when your name is googled.

Your online presence shapes how colleagues, students, and potential partners find you. is optimized for search engines, ensuring your website ranks high when your name is searched – so you can build credibility and showcase your expertise and impact.

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Attract the right PhD students to minimize risks.

Go beyond publications and showcase your mentorship style, research passions, and the unique culture of your lab. By giving students a holistic view of who you are as a researcher and mentor, you attract those who are not only a skills match, but also a personality fit. This leads to a greater sense of belonging, stronger collaborations, and reduced risk of student burnout.

A strong supervisor-supervisee relationship is a key factor in PhD student retention.

Glorieux, A. et al. (2024)

“Those who felt less at home in their department were more likely to consider quitting.”

Rooij, E. et al. (2019)

An image showing a student and a faculty member gladly greeting and discussing research.

Your shareable research profile: QR code included.

Networking at conferences can be overwhelming. Our mobile-friendly platform and easily shareable QR code put your research, expertise, and contact information at others fingertips. Turn chance encounters into meaningful connections and open doors to new collaborative opportunities.

Showcase of your QR code that generates for you.
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Own your online narrative: control how the world sees you.

Imagine a student or potential collaborator trying to understand who you are. Do they find a mix of outdated university pages, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and scattered publications? Or do they find a cohesive story? empowers you to create a profile that truly reflects the depth and breadth of your work and personality.

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Generic website builders actually don’t work for academics.

I have written a few thousand words describing the concepts one should learn to be able to create and maintain a successful personal website. Website builders try to abstract many of those away to make it easy, but a generic website builder can not cover unique academic needs. It is simply not feasible for them.

Personal image of Maryam Bafandkar

Maryam Bafandkar

Co-creator of

  • Personal image of Alejandro Rodríguez González
    Alejandro Rodríguez González
    Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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    If you are still looking for your academic webpage, is a really nice option!

  • Personal image of Mahsa N. Shirazi
    Mahsa N. Shirazi
    PhD, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Manitoba
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    I never thought having my own academic profile could be this easy! Super exciting!

  • Personal image of Harshil Parekh
    Harshil Parekh
    MSc, Information Technology
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    I created my personal page using the LinkedIn importer and a few tweaks in 10 minutes. Easy!

  • Personal image of Sanjiv Anto
    Sanjiv Anto
    PG, UWinnipeg PACE
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    I highly recommend for its simplicity and effectiveness in promoting your skills and achievements.

  • Personal image of Bruce Jahandideh
    Bruce Jahandideh
    PhD, Macquarie University
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    FacultyBio really helps academics showcase their personal brand without having to stress about technical issues.

  • Personal image of Álex Pérez Sánchez
    Álex Pérez Sánchez
    PhD Student & Assistant Professor
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    Enjoyed simplicity of FacultyBio dashboard to build and manage content of my profile.

  • Personal image of Jerome James Conaty
    Jerome James Conaty
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    The thing I enjoy the most is its ease of use. Simple & clean user interface, but yet powerful with what you can do with it. It's like a one-stop mini-website.

  • Personal image of Belén Otero Carrasco
    Belén Otero Carrasco
    PhD Student in Computational Biology
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    3-mins academic website builder

  • Personal image of Guido Lang, Ph.D
    Guido Lang, Ph.D
    Academic Entrepreneur
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    I know web development, but using allows me to focus on what's really important for an academic website: the content! Also, the support team has been very responsive and even helped me import old data. This is a great service that I highly recommend for every (aspiring) academic!

  • Personal image of Enrique Solera Navarro
    Enrique Solera Navarro
    Data Analyst in MEDAL | MSc Computational Biology
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    I like FacultyBio providing me a simple and complete academic personal page.

  • Personal image of Maryam Bafandkar
    Maryam Bafandkar
    MSc, University of Winnipeg
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    Super easy to use and very intuitive. I love the fact that I can have my own academic profile without having to worry about the technical details.

  • Personal image of Mohammad Parsa
    Mohammad Parsa
    Software Dev Manager

    I highly recommend using for anyone who wants to quickly put together a modern CV.

  • Personal image of Mohammad Asefi
    Mohammad Asefi
    Entrepreneur, tech enthusiast
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    I appreciate the user-friendly interface and the effortless updating of my academic page without my constant intervention.

  • Personal image of Atabay Ziyaden
    Atabay Ziyaden
    Machine Learning Researcher
    View page was a cool academic website builder. I entered all my academic achievements in minutes, without concern about website structure or academic content. Highly recommend it

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Bring your own domain

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LinkedIn importer

Import your profile, work experiences, skills, certificates, courses, patents, and more from LinkedIn with a single click.


Write and publish blog posts, share your thoughts, and engage with your audience.
On top of that, you can also attache writings to any item in your page. For example, you can attach a writing to a publication to provide more details about it.


View detailed metrics about your website visitors. See how many people visited your website, where they came from, and what they did on your website.