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Rise Above the Competition:Showcase Your Remarkable Academic Journey! helps early-career academics to be distinguished in academia and industry by providing an easy to use mini-website builder.

Job market is highly competitive

Employers prioritize e-portfolios for job searches. They seek to understand you beyond paper—on a platform they use daily: the web!

Building and maintaining a website is tough

Creating your own website is a labor of love, demanding time and skill. It's a challenge many of us face in today's digital world. is here to empower you as an early-career academic, boosting your visibility with an advanced webpage builder, allowing you to truly stand out in your field.


Googling yourself can reveal how the world sees you online. Faculty empowers you to take control of that narrative, ensuring you're represented as you intend.

Enhance your Visibility amplifies your visibility by providing a platform to exhibit your achievements, helping you stand out in the competitive academic realm.

Showcase Diverse Skills allows you to present a comprehensive view of your capabilities through a dynamic e-portfolio, highlighting various skills, experiences, and projects.

Level up your self-branding assists in crafting a professional online presence, aiding in personal branding and leaving a lasting impact on recruiters or collaborators.

Networking and collaboration facilitates networking and collaboration by showcasing your work to a broader audience and simplifying the sharing of your portfolio for potential partnerships or collaborations.

Save time and hassle

With, forget the stress of content design, SEO, and server upkeep. Focus on your work while we handle the technical intricacies

Built by academics for academics

Understanding the unique needs of our community. We're one of you, crafting a platform that resonates with your academic journey.

Packed with features

Carefully curated nuances that collectively contribute to greatness.

Powerful building blocks

Chose from various section types. Mix and match. Reorder as you like and build what you think represents you better.

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Share in person

Pull your profile up on your phone and share it with anyone you meet. It's a great way to make a lasting QR code

Appear on Google Search

We take care of the technical details so that you can focus on your work. We make sure your profile appears on Google Search.

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We are currently offering free service, and our future free plan will be super generous.

Used by academics from all over the world is used by academics from all over the world. Here is what some of them have to say.

“If you are still looking for your academic webpage, is a really nice option!”

Personal image of Alejandro Rodríguez González
Alejandro Rodríguez González
Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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“I never thought having my own academic profile could be this easy! Super exciting!”

Personal image of Mahsa N. Shirazi
Mahsa N. Shirazi
PhD, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Manitoba
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“I created my personal page using the LinkedIn importer and a few tweaks in 10 minutes. Easy!”

Personal image of Harshil Parekh
Harshil Parekh
MSc, Information Technology
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“Super easy to use and very intuitive. I love the fact that I can have my own academic profile without having to worry about the technical details.”

Personal image of Maryam Bafandkar
Maryam Bafandkar
MSc, University of Winnipeg
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“I highly recommend for its simplicity and effectiveness in promoting your skills and achievements.”

Personal image of Sanjiv Anto
Sanjiv Anto
PG, UWinnipeg PACE
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“Enjoyed simplicity of FacultyBio dashboard to build and manage content of my profile.”

Personal image of Álex Pérez Sánchez
Álex Pérez Sánchez
PhD Student & Assistant Professor
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“FacultyBio really helps academics showcase their personal brand without having to stress about technical issues.”

Personal image of Bruce Jahandideh
Bruce Jahandideh
PhD, Macquarie University
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“The thing I enjoy the most is its ease of use. Simple & clean user interface, but yet powerful with what you can do with it. It's like a one-stop mini-website.”

Personal image of Jerome James Conaty
Jerome James Conaty
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“3-mins academic website builder”

Personal image of Belén Otero Carrasco
Belén Otero Carrasco
PhD Student in Computational Biology
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“I like FacultyBio providing me a simple and complete academic personal page.”

Personal image of Enrique Solera Navarro
Enrique Solera Navarro
Data Analyst in MEDAL | MSc Computational Biology
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Who we are

We are thrilled to assist a wide range of people from academia.

Who we are

At Faculty, our small yet exceptionally talented team shares a profound belief: researchers are the trailblazers of humanity. We hold the utmost respect for those dedicated to advancing and shaping a better world.

Our mission is clear: to simplify and democratize the process, making it accessible for all researchers to enhance their online presence and gain recognition for their invaluable contributions. We're driven by the commitment to empower every researcher, ensuring their vital work receives the attention and acknowledgment it deserves.

Personal image of Maryam Bafandkar

Maryam, MSc in computer science, a charismatic person who thrives on the intersection of academia, business development and AI. She loves academics. She is dedicated to help academics through FacultyBio, providing a complete solution for their needs.

Personal image of Alireza Jahandideh

Alireza, a master of both mechanical engineering and programming, leads our web development and operations with expertise, driving our digital initiatives forward.

Frequently asked questions

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Is it free?
Yes, is free. We will keep it free for people who want a simple pages. For more advanced features and content-heavy pages we will introduce a premium plan in the future to meet their needs.
Why not use LinkedIn or ResearchGate?
Faculty is not a replacement for your LinkedIn, ResearchGate or other social profiles. It is different in many ways. You have more freedom to express yourself and you can add more content. Faculty provides a more personal experience while keeping the academic features on the top of the list. You can also use it as a landing page for your other profiles.